“Cache & Carry”

Penthera has developed a smart content delivery engine that moves massive amounts of data between the Cloud and a smartphone/tablet.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to download a gigabyte-sized item to a mobile device. Penthera’s Cache&Carry does it the right way: monitoring the battery level of the device, the bandwidth of the wireless network, the amount of free space left on the device, the user’s 3G/LTE data usage so far this billing cycle, the CPU/RAM of the device, and operator-supplied rules (e.g. a bias towards overnight/off-peak delivery).  Our download engine dynamically adjusts the number of active threads depending on the network and device capabilities, to maximize download throughput on each device.

Supports iOS and Android Platforms

Penthera’s Engine is protected by four U.S. issued patents and multiple pending U.S. and foreign applications. It has been licensed to tier-1 customers such as Nokia and Comcast. It was developed by a team of PhDs and software experts at Penthera over the last several years.