Smart Download Engine

Cache&Carry is a software toolkit that manages the download of large (50MB+) videos from the Cloud to a smartphones and tablets. Once downloaded, these videos may be played any time—even if the user has no network connectivity.

Penthera customers can build a complete “Cache and Carry” mobile app using the library. Or, simply drop the library into an existing mobile app to enable “download now, play later.”

Cache&Carry can download an entire set of HLS fragments directly from an HLS manifest. It is compatible with widely-available DRM technologies, including PlayReady, Access, and others. Cache&Carry can support the downloading of ad-supported video content.

The toolkit comes with a well-documented API and reference source code (Objective C / Java). It typically takes just an hour to get a simple “download and play” app compiled and running!

Whitepaper: Cache and Carry TV