It also recently extended its existing relationship with Comcast, the 1st major MSO that has integrated Penthera’s software with its TVE apps. “I have a personal stake in Penthera, and I am committed to it,” Willner, who joined Penthera in 2012 after he sold Insight Communications to TWC, told us. And even when he was working on the nixed merger transition that would have created new MSO GreatLand, he intended to continue to play a role at Penthera. The long-time cable exec was  planning to wait until the deal closed and GreatLand was officially a company to leave the tech firm.
In the months leading up to the Comcast walking away from the deal, Willner had identified a slew of well-respected execs to join GreatLand’s management team, including former Insight execs Matt Siegel (TWC treasurer) and Keith Hall (attorney in private practice). All the execs tapped to join GreatLand fully understood the potential risk they were taking, Willner said, and they knew the deal might not go through despite all the work that had gone into the complex transition process. Now they are moving on. So is Willner. Penthera’s “Cache & Carry” content delivery technology seeks to enable users to move massive amounts of data between the cloud and a smartphone/tablet, with the download engine dynamically adjusting the number of active threads depending on the network and device capabilities. “It turns your device into a mobile DVR,” Willner said. Charter, which has launched a basic version of the video download feature, is in the process of integrating Penthera’s service, which can be customized to allow video download during a specific time period and through a specific broadband technology (e.g. WiFi vs. cellular). Penthera is in the process of launching with 2 major programmers (one domestic and one international) and has been in talks with other Tier 1 international and domestic providers.
Penthera’s expansion is driven by pay-TV providers’ demand in finding multiple solutions to enable subs to access and consume content, Willner said. Having just witnessed a mega merger firsthand, Willner said he understands the rational of Charter’s proposed merger with TWC. “It makes a lot of sense.” And things won’t be a lot different after the merger, at least not for Penthera, since both companies are focused on improving TVE offerings and user experience as a whole, he said.