About Penthera

With more than 80 man-years of R&D in technology and software infrastructure among them, the founders of Penthera sought to solve a difficult and important problem in mobile: how to move very large files (e.g. HD videos) from the Cloud to a mobile device. Moving GB-sized videos to a smartphone/tablet can be tricky, if you want to do it right; you need to pay attention to the battery level of the device, the characteristics of the wireless network, the free space on the device, and so on. Doing it right often means performing the transfer over a long period of time, perhaps suspending and resuming as conditions deteriorate or improve. The video may consist of thousands of files (e.g. HLS fragments), and may contain embedded commercials.

We’ve built a core software engine to handle all this. It’s protected by four issued U.S. patents and several more pending applications.

Our licensees have included the largest worldwide mobile phone manufacturer and the largest U.S. TV distributor. Our products have been deployed in consumer-facing mobile applications, integrated into a U.S. nationwide broadcast network operations center, and baked into the ROM of brand-name smartphones. Our products have powered millions of video downloads on a variety of smartphones and tablets.

Penthera’s engineers and technologists hail from some of the world’s most respected centers of innovation. They hold PhDs from top universities and have held secret military clearance.

Penthera is a privately-held software firm with locations in Pittsburgh, PA, and New York City.

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